About Hardwood Elite

Hardwood Elite is a high-level basketball program focused on culture, development, recruitment and character. We are looking for coaches to invest in, develop, mentor and train youth basketball players. We are creating an encouraging, challenging, consistent, and distinguished youth basketball club and our coaches are an integral part of our mission.

Coaches/Mentors Needed

We are seeking coaches and mentors to lead our Club/AAU Teams based in and around Greenwood Village/Centennial.
This is a part-time position with on-court hours 2 evenings per week for practices (1.5 hours/practice) and 1-3 weekends per month for tournaments/leagues (2-4 games/weekend). The season runs March-July.
More hours are also available if willing and able to coach more than one team as well as training opportunities

Coaching Requirements

Team Coaches will report to either the boys or girls director. There will be opportunities for promotion and growth within the program.
Coaching Requirements:
*Understand the fundamentals of the game of basketball.
*Have the ability to motivate players to reach their potential.
*Must have exceptional leadership skills.
*Must have excellent communication skills.
*Have the ability to make quick decisions under pressure.
*Be able to effectively handle stress and keep the temper in check.
*Have the ability to notice small details.
*Must have an excellent memory and superior concentration skills.
*Be able to work well with other coaches, make compromises and be willing to
support other coach’s decisions
*Studies the skills and abilities of the players on the team and puts each player
in the most suitable position.
*Recognizes and uses each player’s specific talents to devise plays and playing
strategies for games.
*Studies the abilities of the players on opposing teams as well as their coach’s
*Devises drills and practice exercises that will adequately prepare players for
each game.
*Works with individual players to hone their particular skills and eliminate bad

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