About Us


Hardwood Elite is founded by West Michigan basketball standout Derek Griffin.

Derek not only has a background in teaching, coaching and educating in the game of basketball.  After graduating from college he was hired by the Denver Nuggets as a director to develop and execute a youth basketball program in the state of Colorado.

While directing this program he was playing 3×3 for USA Basketball and in the FIBA World Tour. He won 2 National Championships and was named the MVP of the 2016 championship.

While working in the NBA and playing for the National Team he developed a program of development for all types of players. He then took this philosophy and created a game changing program that will alter the culture in Colorado youth basketball.

Hardwood Elite is an adidas sponsored program!  We will have teams playing in the 3SSB, Gold Gauntlet, and Silver Gauntlet divisions. This will be the most elevated platform for youth basketball to be exposed to college coaches across America.

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