Discover The Formula Your Child Needs To Jump Higher, Increase Confidence and Athleticism while Providing YOU with True Peace of Mind.

Your child need and deserves to set higher goals & to be the keeper of their own confidence.

If your son or daughter has passion for basketball and they have a BIG vision for their place on a team...

If they want to feel the success of rising above their defender to win the game...

Then Hardwood's 12-week JUMP program could THE thing that helps your child's game AND confidence.

Phase #1

Plyometric Sprint Training and Pre-Jump Activation

Phase #2

Jump Training with Basketball Specific Application

Plyometric Sprint Training with Basketball Specific Application

Phase #3

Surpass progressive overload and build explosive, stable movement, athleticism and vertical jump

When a basketball player increases their vertical jump...

...they get a valuable byproduct....

Increased confidence on and off the court...

30 Minutes A Day (at home)


3-7 inch vertical increase

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